5 Best Maternity Insurance Policies In India For 2021

By | August 8, 2019

5 Best Maternity Insurance Policies In India

Maternity insurance schemes are special schemes covering expenses related to maternity. Health-related companies and general companies give a mother a chance to shape health security and the future. Through these insurance schemes, the mother can do family planning and financially can enjoy her parenthood without any tension.

Here are some useful 5 best maternity insurance policies which are as follows.

#1. Star Health Insurance Policy

Star Health Wedding Gift Insurance policy is one of the best maternity insurance policies in India. This insurance policy has a provision to cover of rupees 10 lakh with maximum cover and a waiting period of three years. This policy provides cover for pre and post-child expenses. According to Star Health Insurance, this policy has a provision to cover only 2 delivery expenses. If the child has any congenital disease then all those expenses are also included in this policy.

#2. Cigna TTK ProHealth Insurance Plus Policy

The mother of the child born by the Cigna TTK policy is provided Rs 10 lakh with maximum health coverage for the expenses. Even the first-year vaccination is included in this policy. According to the Cigna TTK policy, there is a provision of giving 15 thousand for normal delivery and 25 thousand for Caesarean delivery.

#3. Religare Joy Maternity Insurance Policy

In this policy, there is a provision to cover all expenses up to 30 days before hospitalization and up to 60 days after the hospitalization. To be a part of this insurance policy, the age of adult should be more than 18 years and the newborn baby should be 1 year. On an annual basis, the premium for this policy is Rs 3 lakh and Rs 5 lakh.

#4. Apollo Munich floater

Under this policy, 15 thousand rupees are covered for normal delivery and 25 thousand rupees for Caesarean at 3-5 assured price. According to the Apollo Munich Maternity Insurance Policy, there is a provision to cover of rupees 1500 for delivery before and after delivery.

#5. Max Bupa Heartbeat family Policy

Under all its plans, the Max Bappa Heartbeat family provides all protection cover to the floater mother as well as the child. The waiting period under this policy is 2 years. Maximum cover 2 will be given for delivery. The child’s first-year vaccine cost will also be included in this cover.

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